Thursday, July 23, 2015

Call me MARTHA!

We all know the story of Martha and Mary the sisters who are as opposite as they come (as sisters often are) 
Mary is found tending to guests more personal needs and feelings while Martha is concerned with every detail being just perfect and is upset with her sister for not sharing the same concern. 

I've found myself in situations taking after both but more often than not I lean towards Martha. I am by nature a very organized, driven, type A kind of girl! While I get upset with myself (because I'm a perfectionist.. Comes with the type A) I have to remember that this doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, IF you can keep yourself under control every event, church, family, friend NEEDS a Martha to take care of details. 
It takes organization to make things run smoothly.. It takes those who are "Mary-minded" to make things fun, relaxed and memorable. 
Now.. Notice I said IF and that's a big if! If you cannot, you'll do the opposite of what a good host does (make the guests feel welcome) you'll end up driving everyone away. You see,
It's okay to clean the house before guests come over.
 It's not okay to awkwardly stare at their dirty shoes making them feel so uncomfortable they eventually take them off. 
It's okay to plan the meal based off the food triangle, calorie intake or whatever else your OCD heart has decided makes a meal "perfect"
It's not okay to force them to use a coaster at the table
And so on so forth. 
Jesus recognized the sisters, their differences and their strengths. He created both Mary and Martha. He knew we needed balance in the world. He didn't take them by the ears and tell them to "just get along" as our mothers do when we quarrel with our siblings. He simply explained that neither one of them were in the wrong they were only doing as He created them too.
I've been praying that God will give me the balance I need. My mind and heart are almost always at war with each other. My mind is strong, goal oriented, planning endlessly and my heart is soft. 
I want to help others and I know if I can find that balance I can do so much good. God doesn't just want me to think and plan ways to provide.. He wants me to have a heart for his people and a willingness to accept His plans over my own. Set aside the list, step-by-step and daily routines. 
God wants me to recognize that not everyone is  like me.. That's okay too! God calls everyone to serve in different ways. We aren't all worship leaders, we aren't all nursery workers, we aren't all kitchen staff, we aren't all janitors. 
BUT we ARE all children of God. We have inside us the Holy Spirit to guide us and help us do what would be impossible otherwise. Let's utilize that to be more like the servants He calls us to be. Leave behind our worries, inadequacy and accept His help to mend our flaws. 

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