Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"It's the little things"

When I was younger I heard the saying "it's the little things in life, that make life worth living" (wow.. I sound like an old woman already) anyway.. when I heard it. I would just kind of blow it off.. I found it kind of hard to believe that little things could really make a HUGE difference.. well.. as of late. My life has been pretty hard (that sounded really dramatic) and I guess I've started to give this saying more of a chance.. now when I hear it, I shake my head and agree with whoever said it.. I've started being more open to the idea that the little things in life really do matter.. I've even caught myself saying it a few times. It really does make a huge difference when something small goes your way.. And in my opinion.. here's why.. When things are hard, we get down.. and negative. We tell ourselves that things are bad.. and they're going to continue to be bad. And that's all there really is to it. We refuse to believe that anything large and amazing is going to happen, changing the situation.. so when something little happens.. that sheds a little sunshine on our lives- because it wasn't something we told ourselves that wouldn't happen, but at the same time, it isn't something that we were expecting.. it really does make a difference. so maybe the situation hasn't changed.. and our lives haven't been radically changed either.. but because something small and unexpected goes our way.. we feel a tad bit better. I'm someone who tends to get very overwhelmed and stressed.. so if I'm already upset.. and then something small, -like a bobby pin breaks, while I'm frustratedly doing my hair-.. I'll seriously start to cry (ridiculous? yes!) in the same way, if I'm frustratedly doing my hair, then I look up in the mirror, and it looks pretty good.. it can seriously make me a LOT happier..

Anyway. I'm sure you get my point- so let's get to the point of this blog post, shall we?
Life is hard.. and sometimes It's especially hard. Sometimes we will allow ourselves to get so stressed that little things can either make or brake us. I'm proposing this, that we would try to maybe expect little, good things happening in our lives. That we would celebrate when they do.. and not breakdown when they don't. I realize that it's kind of impossible at times- I've tried it myself, with few results to brag, or even speak of.. but I have sort of devised a plan.. Wanna hear? if so.. keep reading :p

like we've said already- sometimes we don't get our wish.. and little awesome things don't just magically happen. So. We have to kind of help them along.. and plan in advance for them to happen. Here's what I do. You'll have to modify it to match you and what makes you happy.. but this is what helps me..

-get up early.. fix myself an awesome cup of cocoa or coffee (even though I really don't need it.. it warms my throat, and smells, tastes good.)
- finish all my school and chores as soon as possible (not only is it good to do what is expected of you, but when you do it without doddling you feel better, and more accomplished)
-try to start humming or singing awesome songs when you feel the urge to say something mean or un-necessary (no, this does not mean that you can find reasons why it IS in-fact necessary to yell at your parents or brother)
- then do something you enjoy... for me it's either scrapbooking, running, calling a friend, journaling outside, playing piano.. or whatever else..

then at the end of the day, when you can look back on all the little things that you've done that you enjoy, and you don't allow your mind to wander on the situation that you do not enjoy, you'll find that you're much happier...

So you see! it is the little things in life that make life worth living, afterall! :]

P.S. If you did do this.. please let me know how it went! I'd love to hear! :) thanks!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dress Drama (Luckily, there's a happy ending)

Intro/ background.
Well.. as you probably know, if you even remotely follow me and my actions on Facebook, I've been going through quite a lot of drama, concerning prom and dresses. I am writing this blog post to kinda fill you all in, let you know what's happening.. and show you how happy I am!!..
it is NOT however to get everyone's approval, opinions and all that. Like I have been doing on Facebook up to this point.. I have decided that a very small group of people are going to be able to see the dress. This group of people includes: Anthony, my parents, his parents and One girlfriend.. You see, I REALLY love this dress. And besides for those people up there ^ I really don't care about everyone else's opinions as much. (Not that I don't care at ALL.. it's just that, if someone really, really, didn't like it, unlike the other dresses, I wouldn't return it. I'm in LOVE with this dress. So don't be offended, please, if you aren't in this small list) This dress is gorgeous and it fits me.. like perfectly. So, you will all get to see the gabs and gabs of pictures I add after prom, but until then, you get to bite your nails.

behind the decision (yes, there's more to it here than me being bi-polar)
-the first dress that I had found was adorable.. but let's just say, I'll have to save it for when I'm 18, or something of that sort.. it was not at all dad approved. And some even said that it wasn't all that prom-y, me being the little people-pleaser-worrier that I am, I went out to a consignment shop and found another dress.. but my VERY stressed, also worried mother was with me.. and she was looking for a few things, and nothing outside of that 1. cheap.. 2. dad approved. And those things aren't necessarily bad. But I want to be more than a pilgrim or the 'goodwill girl' at prom. I want to feel beautiful and breath-taking. I want to feel stunning and elegant.. Well, I threw all that out the window.. bought a dress that was WAAAAY too big- and not big on my list. But I did it anyway to make her happy..
then after a serious heart-to-heart with my guardian angel and mentor (Melissa) we both decided that:
1. I got the dress to make parents happy.. it didn't make me happy
2. I needed to be happy too.
3. the dress really was too big, and complicated- so it probably wouldn't work either.
4. I need to be more than just 'parent pleasing' and 'cheap' at prom.. I should want to feel beautiful and lovely.
and lastly.. we decided that it wouldn't hurt to look around some more. Without my mom there to stress me out.

finding the dress/ that perfect moment.
so.. after looking in 7-8ish different stores.. trying on 12 different dresses, being stripped off in just a bra and undies in front of ladies I didn't even know.. at all. And some practical talks with Melissa saying "this WOULDN'T fly with dad".. or "this might", or "this is okay, but not fabulous"- I finally found it.. THE dress. One that had made me smile more than all the others.. one that made me forget the FAVORITE dress of mine, that I loved over all the others (and gave up to please my dad) one that needed ZERO alterations, and fit me perfectly. One that is now, hanging up in my room.. MY room. One that I can't stop talking or thinking about.. one that has me blushing RIGHT now. One that made me go "Oh my gosh, I actually have a butt, and hips.. I wish that GWEN were here, she'd be so proud" one that has me giggling, giddy- and practicing walking in heels. So that I won't trip and make a fool of myself.
Anyway.. I COULD go on, and on, and on about this.. but. I'll spare you- and just have you super surprised and ready for my prom pictures, so you can see the dress :) and that handsome boy of mine :)