Sunday, March 27, 2016

It's spring!
One of my favorite times of year. I always feel so much more motivated to get things done when it stays light later, the birds sing and the weather is nice. This year I am especially ready to get things done! As many of you may know we will be moving into our first home within the next few months. I. Hate. Moving! It only makes sense to me to get rid of unwanted junk! It's less we have to move and find a place for. So, here's my list for April. One "spring cleaning" idea for every day of the month. I thought I would share for anyone else who needs some help getting motivated or needs some ideas of where to start (because I know how overwhelming it can seem)

1. Your kitchen drawers- eliminate the junk drawer!
2. Your bathroom cabinet- look for expired medicine
3. Your closet- have you gone a few months without wearing something? Toss it!
4. Your pantry- look for expired, stale and unwanted food items
5. Your fridge- throw out the old leftovers and clean the shelves 
6. Your car- the glove box and middle console are notorious for collecting junk
7. Your dresser
8. Holiday decorations
9. Outdoor areas
10. Craft/school supplies- just because notebooks were .10/ea doesn't mean you need 10!
11. The toy box- rotate toys that were on the bottom and get rid of broken things. Sanitize while you're at it
12. The kids closet(s)
13. The kids dresser(s)
14. The freezer- it's so easy to think anything that's in the freezer is good forever. Even if it is, do you really need it?
15. The garage
16. Kitchen cabinets
17. Scrub the shower
18. Air conditioner vents
19. Dust, dust, dust!!
20. Go through music and photos on your computer
21. Clean out the bookshelves
22. Clean underneath the couch cushions
23. Wash or clean the curtains
24. Go through photos, music and texts on your phone
25. Go through friends list on social media sites. Delete old emails
26. Clean baseboards 
27. Clean the inside of your microwave
28. Spruce up pictures hanging on the wall that may have gotten dusty or smudged
29. Go through accessories: hats, purses, jewelry 
30. Go through nail polish, lotions, soaps, perfumes

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Be still

Be still
This is he HARDEST thing I've ever been commanded to do by my Heavenly Father. Every day it seems I struggle to let go and let God most recently my battle has been patience on finding a house. 
Dylan and I have been married for going on three years now and already have a family so I my mind it only makes sense to have a place to cal home. We have been looking for houses and meeting with financial advisors for months now (which in the grand scheme of things really isn't long) but to me it seems like forever. It's so hard to not get worked up about houses. Every time we find one we like I want to sign the papers and start packing.
 However, my father reminds me to "be still" which I hate to hear.. But need too. 
One day after our favorite house to that point had been sold I was complaining to Dylan. Much to my surprise he didn't join in! Instead, he told me it must not have been in Gods plan. This of course was a huge slap in the face!

I run through things in my mind over and over thing to get every detail right, I function on a few hours of sleep and pinch every penny.. I plan like crazy. I always have It's just who I am.. Lately I e been wondering if that's an excuse? Should I be trying to live a less-coordinated life and let whatever happens happen?

I've always believed that I was the planner and Dylan was the spontaneous one. That's  the balance that makes our world go round. 

After some praying I've come to the conclusion that it's okay to budget.. But not okay to obsess over money. It's okay to clean.. But not okay to get upset when someone "messes it up" that's part of having children and living. It's okay to plan events but not to the point of stressing.. So on, so forth. 

We will find a house someday. I'm not giving up on it but I'm not going to check real estate sites every night before bed. We are still young and will still be young when we finish paying on a 30-year mortgage. We may not have a place to call our own.. But we have a home because home is where your heart is.