Friday, May 27, 2011

Men CAN understand women.. to some extent.

We've all heard it said that it's impossible for men to completely understand women.. and at first, we've all nodded our heads in agreement. Because it's a no-brainier that God made us all very complex, individuals. BUT don't lose hope, dear one's. It's all in the wording. We only agreed that it's impossible for men to COMPLETELY understand women. Women don't even completely understand themselves. And they can only ask of you, what they themselves are doing. Right?

so.. now that we've established that it's false that you, as men can't ever completely understand women.. but you can understand them, to some extent. There is NO excuse at all.. for you to not try to understand us, at least a little bit. So. Let's start over.. and reshape your beliefs about understanding the opposite sex. Here are some tips to all you men .. or boys. Who are hoping to understand their girlfriend, fiance, wife.. to all of you, who are SO completely lost, on where to start at understanding women.. but intrigued by
the idea that it is possible for you to do so.
Here we go!
Start off with things you have in common.. that makes it a lot less scary.. and less intimidating to you. It helps you to realize they are only an opposite sex, not species.
It helps you to feel more comfortable around them, which makes everything else a lot easier on the both of you!
Second of all.. get to know her. Yes, it's really that simple. Girls talk a LOT.. if you take them bowling, out for ice-cream.. or whatever. You'll hear them talk a lot about some pretty random stuff. Just listen to them, take note of things they say, and learn from them. They'll be like "Oh my gosh, like I love Johnny Depp.. and Drew Barrymore is so icky"
Another thing you can do to get to know girls.. is ask them questions. I know this idea seems strange, because you want to be all SPY about it.. and sneak around, trying to find things out about them. But like I said, girls love to talk.. they love to talk about themselves.. and are usually pretty good with questions. Make a game out of it, make a list of questions.. then ask them. When they ask you why you want to know all this, and why the sudden interest in them.. Just tell them that you're trying to understand them better! they will appreciate the honesty, they'll be touched that you want to know them.. and all that mushy stuff.

Now then, if you're trying to learn about someone else, whom you aren't interesting in dating, like a mom.. or sister. It's pretty much the same thing. You don't have to bring them out on a date, but seriously just observe them, and things that they seem to like, or things that peeve them. You can learn a lot from people, by observing them.. and their actions. Start jotting down notes. You can usually compare. Most girls are alike in a lot of ways. There are always exceptions, like I said we are complex individuals.. but there are a lot of similarities!

so have fun with getting to know her.. don't be intimidated.. be honest, and hopeful! it can be done.. I've had a wonderful boyfriend.. for 11 1/3 months now, and I can honestly tell you, that he has gotten very good at understanding me.. there are still confused moments. But that's life. After awhile, it gets a lot easier! stick with it :)