Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I know, I know.. only I could blog about a movie trailer...
Anyway.. when I was in the theater, waiting to see "Mr. Poppers Penguins" -cute movie, by the way- this trailer came on.. and ask Anthony, I whipped out my pen and notebook from my purse that instant, and starting jotting everything down.. (Maybe now he'll understand why)
FIRST.. watch the trailer, if you haven't already, I posted the link... then when I'm talking about my observations.. the pictures will be fresh on your mind!

So.. lets imagine for a moment, that we are SCRAT... It's quite an appropriate name, for the messes that we are, at times, don't you think?.. so- you can drop the squirrel part. But imagine we're Scrat.. instead of an acorn, we're holding on to this ONE sin... we can't seem to ever let it go, and we're totally going out of our way to keep it, harbor it deeper and deeper inside... even though, as the acorn was, it's tearing our world apart, and even effecting others around us.. cracking our world, changing things for the worst.. making us look bad... the list goes on and on.
I know that I'm guilty of this at times.. letting go of things is NOT my strong front.. not at all. I'm guilty, like Scrat was doing, of holding on to that one sin, or that one burden, that one past regret... and letting it tear me and my world totally apart... Holding on to it, for my dear life, though it's the death of me.. knowing that letting it go, is for the best, but not wanting too, or even knowing where to start..

I could go on and on, and rambel.. but I think you get the point already. It's a pretty simple concept. So anyway.. to bring this to a close-- you know the verse!! give your burdens to him :) you don't have to do it alone.. he gives you strength :)

Drivers license.. and an unexpeced thing that's come of that..

Mmm... 16. Such a sweet age.
Finally, after studying, taking the written test, passing, getting my permit, driving with my permit, and with an adult for 6 months, taking my drivers test, passing, going to the revenue office, filling out a mound of paperwork... I have a license! and I haven't wasted any time putting it to use!! the day of, I drove me and my sister to church.. day after, drove me and all my sissies to the church for a meeting, then me, Gwen and Brenda to the movies!! since then, I've been driving the past couple days to and from a ladies house to do housework, and yard-work for her... I've grown up occasionally going to her house, so I was fairly confident on knowing the way, I'm familiar with the kind of roads I'm traveling on, there isn't much traffic and it's a beautiful drive.. not to mention only 17 minutes to get there.. and 15 to get back.. (which is easier on my gas fund, than going into town would be)

I love the drive every morning.. The radio signal for my station won't reach all the way out there.. so I keep it off, and enjoy the time in silence.. (I don't get much of that) then for those times, when I've had a couple minutes of silence (and I can't stand any more) I pray aloud, to God, not having to worry about who's listening.. I can just be me, with My God, no-one else around, to hear me, and be critical over the words I'm using, or the things I'm praying for. I'm grateful for that time every morning.. to just be alone with Jesus.. to get to know him better, get to share more with Him, and hopefully (ultimately) become MORE like him...

anyway.. sorry, I went off on one of my little sermons.. it's great having a chance to spread my wings, while still being close, not spending too much money on gas, making money the hard way, getting closer to God, being responsible for ONLY myself... not 4 other siblings and my dad, which leads me to my other thing BEING ON TIME!!! :)))))
and don't worry.. I'm being totally responsible. Going the speed limit, not using a phone while driving, blinkers.. the whole nine yards!
who knew that a little plastic card, with my picture on it.. could mean so much?