Friday, November 21, 2014

What happened to Jesus?

I work at a daycare in a preschool room.. I've heard almost anything you could possibly imagine! Children have very vivid imaginations; however, it isn't entirely on their own. We as adults can dramatically shape their thoughts and ideas on the world around them.
Lately, with Christmas approaching I've heard many interesting theories that have left me wondering WHAT HAPPENED TO JESUS? one little boy explained to me that he had to make good choices because Jesus would tell Santa I he was naughty.. Another little girl told me her grandma died.. BUT it was okay because she was watching her from heaven and would tell Santa she was good so she could get presents.
Of course I only nodded and smiled at them.. But in my head I was thinkin to myself "seriously!?" I don't understand why you would go as far as explaining there is a heaven.. If you're going to place Santa there rather than Jesus? Why would you place your child in the hands of a day man in red who appears once a year when there's a lovin God who holds the universe ALL year!
Why would you give Jesus the lowly title of one who only reports to Santa? And even still.. Why would you include a deceased family member in this jumbled mess?

We need to teach our children about the loving God who cares for them every day.. Even when they faulter.. One who gives them gifts such as eternal life and peace which surpasses all. We need to teach our children about the absoluteness of Jesus rather than the lies that are Santa. It won't take a child long to find the truth about Santa.. They'll soon learn he is a myth and possibly wonder if Jesus isn't as well. Why would we seek to further confuse our children? Why not tell them Jesus is the ONLY way. The TRUTH the LIGHT! That's what the Bible teaches.. So should we! The Bible isn't solely for adults.. The truths written in it are for everyone's benefit.. Not only adults who have come to the understanding that Santa isn't real and have therefore replaced him with Jesus.
Jesus is the reason for this season. So why make him second fiddle to a fictional character??

Monday, November 17, 2014

20 thing I've learned in my 20 years

Sometimes it's better to say nothing at all

Giving can teach you how to be grateful

If you really look, there's always something to be positive about.. Often times, more than not!

You are a walking witness. Everyday! To someone older, younger, equal in age or even a stranger! Watch how you carry yourself.

Pay attention the first time. You may not always get a second chance- and often when you do it's too late.

Everyone is a child of God.. Worthy of your time, love and respect.

Listening is often more essential than talking.

Prayer is talking to your closest friend.. Treat it as such. It isn't meant to be a gripe session or a wish list. You don't say your part and walk away. Listen for a response and learn to accept whatever it is.

Life is not, has never been and will never be about you. When it doesn't go your way, choose to see it as a lesson or opportunity.. Don't feel attacked and abandoned

You don't need material things, you want them. List is the root of unhappiness.

One day your parents aren't the mean, stupid people you've thought them to be. They're kind and wise. You will one day open your mouth and hear your mother/father

In turn, your siblings are no longer the worlds greatest nuisance. Rather, a friend that looks like you.

Work. If you're tired. Work. If you're sad. Work. If you're wealthy. Work. It does the soul good to earn your way in the world.

Pray for your enemies and for your heart towards them.

Don't just go to church, be the church.

Know your abilities but don't be afraid to challenge them.

It will always work out, somehow.

Don't take 19 for granted.. Ready to move on to 20.. Some never make it. Enjoy every minute you have (I love you, Angela)

Remember your manners.. You were taught them for a reason. Please, thank you and excuse me can get you far in life.