Friday, February 26, 2016

Mom: revisited


If you follow my blog at all you may have seen posts about me (for the lack of a better word) whining about being a mom. 
You also may have noticed I haven't done so in awhile!
Towards the end of my pregnancy with Aiden I prayed hard that God would work in my heart and make me a better mom. I can gladly say that He has done so!
While it is still hard sometimes my attitude has totally changed after having Aiden. I miss my kids like crazy while at work, talk about them often, look forward to the weekends with them and feel guilt when someone else is watching them.. It's so amazing! 
Instead of feeling like we took on more than we could handle I feel like our family is complete. I have learned to prioritize better in that's spend more time with the kids and less time stressing over laundry or dishes. 
I no longer get frustrated when Phoenix wants to take a bath with me, I enjoy the bonding time and play with her knowing one day I'll have to beg for her to want to spend time with me. 

Sure, I'm exhausted being up with Aiden a lot at night, working full time and taking care of things at home but it's so worth it. God has given me a sense of joy in doing this work where my attitude used to be so negative. 

I no longer feel like because of my kids I have no life. Instead, my kids are my life and that's okay! I love them dearly and don't want to miss a moment of them being young because I realize now they will only be this young once and I need to enjoy it while I can. 

I've learned to pick up my kids and put down my phone, write down the cute stories in the baby books instead of posting it as a status. 

I'm so far from perfect but I am proud of the progress I've made. I wanted to give a shout-out to God because I know it has only been through Him and I wanted to share this publicly in case someone else has had a struggle they thought they would never overcome. God is SO powerful and can change even the
coldest of hearts if only you'll let Him!