Sunday, December 27, 2015

Life insurance

As a young person I may seem gullible to salesmen who have a quota to meet so, it was no surprise when I was reeled into a life insurance sales pitch one day when I went in to pay my car insurance bill Phoenix in tow. She was a chubby 3 month old and obviously my whole world.  

I listened to the agent to be polite but after I left the conversation weighed heavy on my heart. 
The next day I called back on my lunch break to schedule an appointment. I wanted to wise up so that I could go home and repeat the sales pitch as best as I could remember to my husband who would undoubtedly be skeptical. 
I understood that it was another bill but I also understood as a young couple it's much easier to count on a monthly bill than an unexpected expense. 

I don't want my children to suffer because I am not made of money. If they want to cash out their policy someday for a wedding or to go to school I want them to have that option. Or, God forbid I want to have peace of mind that should something unspeakable happen we have a plan to fall back on. 

When I got pregnant again one of my first thoughts was "will be able to afford two policies?" To me "no" wasn't an acceptable answer. 
Our insurance premium is outrageous every month with two vehicles insured under full coverage and the life insurance policies but I really think it's the responsible thing to do. 

I know how expensive life can get and often as a young person you are limited based off the amount of money you have. Then, you are limited on how much you can make if you don't have the education that's needed. 
To give my children a broader horizon would mean the world to me. I think it's the best gift I could give. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Untold advice

When you find out you are expecting EVERYONE has advice and stories to share. So, how is it that there's still SO MUCH that you weren't warned about?
With Phoenix my biggest struggle at first was the recovery. I was foolish enough to think as soon as I gave birth I would have my body back. Little did I know it would be awhile before I felt normal again. 
This time around it has been an adjustment everywhere! Going from a family of three to a family of four has been a huge change. 

Getting out of the house takes forever and I feel like we pack up half the house only to get half way there and think of something we forgot! 
I change a million diapers. 
Getting everyone bathed is a circus attraction. 
The laundry and dishes multiply like rabbits. 
I measure time in feelings.. It's crazy how little I can get done in the hour I have before feelings IF he can be safely put down (his sister is sometimes a terror!) 

So anyway.. Here are a few things no one told me that I'm learning on my own. Maybe they can help someone else. 

Babies will cry. Period. Don't take every tear personally. As long as you are trying to make it better you aren't a bad parent. 

You will be SO tired! You'll find yourself feeling your toothbrush to determine if you brushed your teeth today or even smelling your Pitts hoping there's deodorant. 

There is no definite answer. When you are a parent Google is NOT your friend. Everyone has heir own opinions, success and horror stories. What worked for someone else's kid may or may not for yours. Ask people you trust that have kids before you turn to the web. 

Ask them BUT don't feel obligated to do it their way! You are the parent. You will have to make the decisions for your child and be able to live with them. 

Don't be too proud. As a mom there will be a lot of weak moments and embarrassment. Don't take yourself too seriously. Sing along to the cartoon, let yourself cry, ask for help, play dress up and eat the plastic food at tea parties. 

Perfect is impossible. Your Pinterest crafts won't always look like the picture, the toys won't be organized, books will be missing pages, you will loose socks.. Loose the socks and keep your mind! Don't stress the little stuff

Find the time. To rest. To spend one-on-one time with each kid. To have fun. 

Don't be down on yourself. Find confidence. Be the best mom you can be! That starts with being the best you you can be. 

Take some shortcuts. I am the cheapest person EVER. I will buy pretzels and chocolate because it's cheaper than buying chocolate covered pretzels. Then I will stay up way too late making them. I've had to learn to sometimes buy the already cooked rotisserie chicken, instant mashed potatoes or boxed Mac n' cheese. 

My idea of "ready" has been reinvented. These days I am happy if I've showered and have on clean clothes. Make-up is optional and clothing is more about comfort than making a statement. It is important to be clean and sometimes do a little extra for your husband but don't feel like you have to look amazing all the time. 

Take lots of pictures
Snuggle a lot
Practice patience
Pray often
Journal your ugly thoughts then throw them away
Alternate fun with productivity 
Make your marriage a priority. Your husband is your teammate. Raising kids won't work if you don't give your relationship the nurturing it needs.