Thursday, April 29, 2010

5 things to do to scare people at night... (Try these for me, I'm too much of a goody -two-shoe! )

all of these things are really mean. and I would NEVER do them. but if you do. make sure it's to your best friend. that is forgiving. and can take a joke. and if they don't go to college or live in a dorm. then make sure they have cool parents. or you might get sent to jail or slapped.

1. this has to be done at night!
go to someone's house when they are asleep and all the lights are out. park a little bit away from their house. and walk the rest of the way. you'll need a back pack filled with ketchup and barbie heads (like the mannequin one's that are big) and line them up in the window seals on the outside. (two for each window) and then squirt ketchup on them. after you've set them all up (maybe add one to the porch too. just for added affect.) ring the doorbell several times... and scream... hide in some trees or bushes to hear their reaction to the barbie head.

2.hop out from behind a corner! this is an old trick, but it's cute... and still gets people EVERY time. someone and tell them that you had a hairdressers appointment... (someone who really likes your hair. and is always telling you they wish They had your hair) so tell them that they had a new girl there and she wasn't very experienced. and she was supposed to give you a trim. and then touch up your color a little bit. but she messed up really bad and one side is like 1/1-2 inch longer than the other... and your bangs are short. but long enough to sick strait up in the air. and that it's bald in the back. that they colored it grey even. and then charged you $80.00.. act really upset. then pretend like you lost service. someone and leave a voicemail saying HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! really, really, loud.

5.find a friend who is on the phone. sneak up behind them and then get one of those confetti gun poppers... stick it to the back of there head... and say in a different voice. " don't turn around. don't hang up the phone.. just put one hand up in the air. and tell whoever your on the phone with... goodbye, forever!" then pull the trigger... (this scares people.. bad)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Phillippians 1:6

" For I am CONFIDENT in this very thing, that he who began a GOOD work in you will PERFECT it UNTIL the day of Christ"

I love this verse. It's been encouraging me lately. Because I sometimes don't see why Jesus cares about me, why he takes the time to love me. why he bothers to listen... then I read this verse. and I remember...
1. God never gives up, He started me, he started a GOOD work -in- me and he won't quit until he's finished...
2. it also says that I can be confident in this. If God says we can be confident in it or sure in it, it's saying it's a promise, one he'll keep-
3. he will perfect it, he won't get lazy... or frustrated on how difficult I am, he will keep working until he's PERFECTED the GOOD work he's started in me.
4. I shouldn't get discouraged about how long it takes because it says UNTIL THE DAY OF CHRIST. God works in his own time, sometimes when we don't know how long it will take we give up! but now we know... because it says "the day of the Lord Jesus Christ" so on that day we will be PERFECTED everything good that he started in us, will be completed....

thank you for that promise!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I thought these showers. could wash away.all the filth you seem to have left on me.I thought one smile could make me forget all the pain, and my silly regrets. letting you into my life. thinking you were one of a kind...I make such silly mistakes, I've never been one to waste. but now I realize, everything I've ever given to you... all the time that I've invested things that I could never get back. it's all wasted.HELP ME!! I need saving, this isn't a game I'm's real life and you've left my heart on the line - Will you stay behind this time and pick up the mess you've made? of course not, because you don't care
I wish I didn't either...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

lots of emotion... (improv poetry)

My little heart can't take all this hate. I crash under all this weight, I just keep sinking lower and lower... I keep growing more discouraged slower and slower...You aren't all your made out to be. you just keep hurting me more and more. and I doubt that you even care-
I don't know how I ever thought of you as some kind of friend I could turn to. now I see you for what you really are. an insensitive jerk who doesn't care about all this hurt that you've caused me to feel.
I'm so scared about that day when you come back into my life,I hope I'll say that your not all that hot. that you've hurt me and put me through a lot that trying to come back now. is a big,fat joke. and I'd be dead if I ever let you run loose on my heart like a buffet taking all you want and never coming again. making me feel like it's all my fault. because I let you in. and I couldn't help but fall.

all these tears I've wasted
all these empty faces I've tried to find you in. thought if I could find someone to make me feel like I was with you again. I'd be alright. but it's all a lie. why would being with you, fix this broken in two, mess of a heart. letting you back in is no good place to start... asking you to come back is asking for me to break
asking for you to love me. is bringing on the pain. memories of you come crashing over me and I know that if I am wise. I will wish them all away. because the last thing that I need is for you to haunt me... you are ever so deadly, and I can't walk this walk if someone is here with me. but someone doesn't have to mean you. because I've told myself so many times that were through. and It must be true. because it's better that way.

Goodbye. this hurts... but not nearly as much as you've hurt me. I think it's worth it. it's better than being with you, you make me feel worthless.
Goodbye. it's all over... lets see how you like to be the one that gets left and told that you're nothing. the one that has to find out what you've done wrong to be punished with such a terrible fate. once again I am crushed under this weight...

I'm setting myself free... I no longer need your approval. you can go find someone else to hurt- I no longer need your titles to tell me what I'm worth
spend your time finding your own faults. because there are plenty, I'd rather find myself without you finding the bad in me.

Goodbye, have a good life...good luck trying to find someone else who puts up with you the way that I do... or did