Monday, February 24, 2014

When I first found out I was pregnant; it was if literally everything about my life had changed. I found myself too nervous to even be excited. I wasn't upset, per say- just thoughtful of what the test result would mean. Not just that I would have news to tell my friends and family.. But, that I would need to get more sleep, eat healthy, take vitamins and cut back on my caffeine.
And even beyond that, I realized just changing my diet wouldn't be enough. There are so many decisions to make as a mom, so much will change in my marriage and the rest of my life. It's just the beginning of the rest of mine and Dylan's life. Not only as a couple but as mommy and daddy.

I have been both ill and excited lately.. Getting on WIC and getting my first ultrasound scheduled made me anxious to hear the heartbeat and see my little raspberry.. But my hypoglycemia and a UTI have been a bit of a set-back.

I know in the end, when I see his or her face all will be well. And my worries will be nothing more than "new mommy jitters" I am very grateful for this experience and the future that lies ahead of us.. The people who have offered help or given us items and support. I only hope I can be a great mom someday and find peace!