Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today I was on a Jog, (I've been going on a Jog every day this week,) and I had just passed the mile mark, I was on my way home... as the mail-lady passed me I waved... and then we both went on our ways.
as I got closer to the house I realized there was something black in the road, and mom and the mail-lady were talking.
I said to myself "oh, Please dear God, don't let that be a dog." I started to run faster and faster till I reached the spot in the road.
There she was, our dog sassy... blood and eyes, were on the road. Mom and the mail lady approached me and started to console me, "she didn't suffer, it was a direct hit to the head, she didn't holler" "I know, I was here, I didn't hear anything"
Mom and the mail lady walked back to her vehicle and they said their goodbyes, I picked her up and took her out of the road, covered up the blood with some dirt. and then went to find a box. I knew that I would have to be the one to bury her, my sister was too upset, it was her dog.
so my neighbor and I found a box and we dug a hole for her, then another and another, till we found a good spot.
so she's gone, she was buried with notes, flowers and her favorite toy,
she will be missed. our friend. she was always there to jog with me, to play fetch, frisbee, baseball she had several sets of puppies all born in my sisters bed. she will be missed yes, even tomorrow, when I'm jogging and she isn't there to race me.
goodbye sassy,
happy hunting...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

" I like you"

“ I like you “ he said. And my cheeks turned red “ I like you too” was all that I said. But I guess it was enough, because he smiled, “let's start talking” was his reply. “I'd like that” was mine.
I don't know if he knows, but I'm floating on air. It didn't take much, and now that I'm there, I will be for awhile.
He'll come to church, and we'll sit together. We'll be good friends, spending time together.
I'll write him notes,poems, and maybe he'll write back. We'll take lots of pictures together, and we'll laugh. It will all be wonderful, and everyone will see, we're meant to be.
We'll be the cute innocent couple,everyone wishes they had!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I thought your every move was just for me, that the attention you gave was mine to rave on about.
But now that I step back, and my mind has cleared, I've found you out.
I was just one of many to fall in this pit, that you call your life.
I guess I just took it farther than all the others, because now that the fog has cleared, I see my mistakes.
My poor decisions, that went on to what seemed like no end.
I lived my life to please you, all the presents and smiles, hugs and phone calls.
Now It's all wasted and I feel like a fool,
how did I not see that you had others dangling from your finger-tips,
heeding every request that fell from your lips. Your wish was our command,
we were like a pitiful army doing what the general said.
But now it's over and your ground is about to shake, all your toys have come awake.
And we see our mistakes- we've gotten stronger, and were going to rebel.
Just like our smiles fell, yours soon will.
You'll feel sorry for all the games you've played, and maybe you'll be the one falling in the pit you've made.
But it's too late for all your apologizes and tricks, I've learned my lesson and I won't be kicked out this place I now call my home, I feel safe, and I feel strong. Now that I know where you belong (the back of my mind)
If you offered me back my old life, bowing down and worshiping you for a place in your life. I hope that I'd say no. because it's never worth it. Going through all this pain again.