Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Child rearing.. the RIGHT way

My parents raised me with "strict" rules. Naturally, as a child I hated them.. I was often "left-out" from the movies my friends were watching or clothes they were wearing. Looking back, I'm grateful for the decisions they made and the way they raised me.

Even after moving out I found myself getting home at the same time my parents had my curfew set when I was under their roof or following other rules they had set and I lived by.

I've been thinking a lot lately with me being pregnant- and I've decided (as my parents did) I will be choosing the "not-so-popular" path. One that sometimes makes you seem like the bad guy- but ultimately protects your children and teaches them responsibility.

My children will have a curfew, dress-code, they will be expected to use manners and complete chores.. I will monitor their internet usage and pay attention to the movies they're asking to watch.

I'm sure it won't always be welcomed by many that are "in the world" but it's a simple step that every parent can take to ensure that they don't become "OF the world" which we are told not to be by our maker.
Sadly, I know MANY Christian parents, even some who are in my close circle who are too busy trying to be their child's "friend" rather than their parent. Letting them wear immodest clothing, date at a very young age, watch and listen to whatever they want.. and get caught up in the wrong crowd. Things such as these can severely damage your witness as a Christian.

We are often looked to for answers- or observed for some sort of difference from the rest of the world. If your child is doing just as everyone elses; what is there to set them apart and make them different from their un-saved peers?  

So, as my husband and I make the decision to be different from others.. I only hope someday my children will have the "AH-HA" moment- as I did. One where you realize your parents don't hate you, they aren't trying to ruin your life and all they've done up to this point and from now on- was and is in your best interest!

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