Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Ray Of Sunshine..

Over the past year, especially after having started public school, I have been thinking very seriously about going to school, to be a teacher (which sounds quite funny.. now that I think of it) anyhow.. I've narrowed it down to either special education, or elementary.. Either one is something I feel that I would enjoy doing. Children have always been my "forte". I enjoy their company. From their funny little comments, to the escape that they provide, from the real, serious world, that from the mature and discerning eyes, is a grim and scary place.

I would love very much to be there to instruct and watch as young babes grow to be their own individuals. Expanding their knowledge, developing thier own personalities, I don't even mind being a hand to hold on a rough day, a listening ear, or that annoying teacher, that finds learning fun, while you're in the seat, head down, thinking school is a prison, and you wish she'd just shut up, already.

Anyway.. As of the beginning of this new semester, I have been an aid, to a girl in our school, with downsendrome. I have been assisting in teaching her piano, along with our Music teacher here at Oark.
At the beginning, needless to say, I was nervous.. of how this would all pan out. I have some experience with Autism children (due to me teaching a class at church with an autistic student) but never downsendrome. That aws an all new ball-park (if you will) for me. A whole new "disability" (though I hate to call it that.. we all have our problems, whether they be mentally, or not. "They" are just as much as person as I). Anyhow.. after praying, thinking and just one day of helping this girl, my fears and concerns proved to be another silly thing I was stressing over for no apparent reason. we got along just fine, I love her to death, and we've learned together. She has already beaten the odds, and challenged expectations that were verbalized by her Special Education teacher, who said that it would take a month for her to learn 'twinkle, twinkle, little star".. not only did she learn this in one day, but she is near to having it memorized and can tell you most of the notes names. She has also been very attentive to my telling her which notes were to be long and short sounds. I'm so proud of her. And I'm sure, not to anyone's surprise, I'm emotional. To watch her blossom, in such a short time, to see her overcome an obstacle she's been given, to see how proud she/others are of her.. to hear the song being played by her- and more than that, understood. It's amazing. I cannot express in words how elated I am. It's so great to see her experiencing this. And to be a part of it. I'm not at all taking credit for it, in any way.. she has done the playing and memorizing. I'm just so glad that God knows me better than I ever could.. He knew that I needed this experience as an affrimation, and I needed her prescence, to brighten my life.. I needed her to focus on, instead of myself and my selfish needs. I now have a positive outlet. I can help her everyday, to learn and succeed. I can focus on her blossoming and maturing. More importantly, I can focus less, on me and my petty little life, and the things that get me down. I'm so grateful to have her, and this experience.

Thank you, Kelsey Renee.. you are my ray of sunshine. You put a smile on my face, and a tune in my heart. You are so refreshing.

Thank you, God, for sending this experience my way! and for the benefits that came with it! I'm so glad to have a God like you! Thanks for the affrimation.

I can't wait to "grow up" and to do something with these experiences and little lessons I'm learning that will hopefully, someday, make me a good teacher. Until then, I will be more than happy to continue to help Kelcey in whatever way that I can;
Holding her hand, protecting her from "Banchies" with Waffles the Guard dog, giving her "Huggies" teaching her things, expanding her horizons, watching over her, helping her to develope social skills, being a loyal and understanding, patient friend.. and focusing on myself less. Its so much better to place my energy and attention on her, and her education, than me, and my petty problems. I love having Kelcey to keep things in perspective. Everyday, 4th hour is a wonderful experience.

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